bit by bit,pieces breaking away.
but how does an incomplete fade when its not yet fully formed? not quite there?
if an indiscriminate shape disappeared would you search for it?
if an obscure color floated away would the imprint remain?
how can u miss something that wasnt really there?
how can you mourn something you never really knew?
a flicker,a whisper,a whiff.
slight and inconsequential.
a drop,a grain,a piece.
parts of the whole but still incomplete.
to fade from this world would not be a tragedy. the world would still go round,the sky would still change and seasons would come to pass.
the world will not forget us,for how can you forget what you do not know?
we fade unnoticed,without even a ripple in our wake.
we represent a fraction,of a fraction,of a fraction,of a fraction of the forever that is infinity around us..
and to think that that fraction of a fraction,is only for us COMPLETE.
fully formed,having passed through the sands of time. leaving our footprints and notes along the way.
us complete one may have a chance at a whispered echo into the forever of that infinity.
but to fade now would be no where near tragedy,it would barely be a broken promise…
so then i ask u,i beseech u!
reveal to me if you can,what is to keep one from fading?
bit by bit.
pieces broken away.

© kylie kiunguyu