Is the door locked?
I turned around,
And you were there,
no warning, no knock…Mister!
How dare you!
So unashamed,yu stand tall
Commanding my very existence with your presence!
But oh, what a sight,
so handsome, so strong.
Now, all I can sense
phew!…this is a sin coming on.

My thoughts start to go yonder,
the room is getting hotter…
I’m trying to control it
but this feeling is growing stronger!
My heart is beating faster
and faster and faster…
You’re sneaky! You’re cheeky!
You bad boy, you’re Conny!
You are the Master!

Do you give a drunk a drink
Or an already intoxicated fool more fix?
or if there’s fire, feed the flame?
Hypno-dizzy, feisty, frenzied,
bad boy, you’re to blame!
But what a delight,
so delicious, it’s sooo wrong.
Absolutely awesome
And boy…yu make me wana beg!
Please help me, I feel it!
This is a sin coming on!

You don’t speak, you just smile, confident all the while.
I may melt in the heat
of this burning desire!
How dare you just stand there,
pure thoughts now completely defiled!
And I blame yu!
My knees growing weaker
and weaker and weaker…
You know who you are,
a bad boy, a keeper!

I can’t take anymore,
fainting onto the floor…
Spinning and reeling,
my gawd, what a feeling!
Take me now, take me now;
baby, I’m yours!
Now is the time
I’ve been waiting so so long.
Oh gawd, I can’t stop it,
this is a sin coming on!

© Saru Mkamboi Mwakale