I call you during the day
To see how your day is
To tell you that i miss you
To wish you a good day

I don’t call you
To add on to your stress
To be a thorn in your side
To ruin your day!

I play dress up for you
To get yout attention
To look beautiful for you
To be worthy of you

I don’t play dress up
To flirt with your “boys”
To get noticed by men
To tear your world apart

I kiss and hug you
To show you i care
To brighten up your day
To show you my affection

I don’t kiss and hug you
To show you spite
To darken your day
To smother you

I whisper sweet nothings
To please your mind
To tease your heart
To express my feelings

I don’t whisper sweet nothings
To agitate your mood
To tourment your mind
To try your level of patiece

I show up unexpectedly
To suprise you
To pamper you
To see your sweet face

I don’t show up unexpectedly
To test your love
To drive you crazy
To humiliate you

I suprise you with treats
To show you my love
To show you tolerance
To show you my embrace

I don’t suprise you
To make yuo angry with me
To make you feel irritated
To see your hatred…

© bridget mutua