Like a princess under a spell I go to bed,
Falling in a deep sleep
I dream of you.
Maybe its coz I wear lingerie to remind me
Of what I’m missing
And the thought of how you’ll go crazy
When you see me in it or imagine it.

That red lingerie that touches my nipples, caressing them gently,
the ends playing games with my thighs or is it my rounded belly.
Or maybe it’s the panties that hide my secret place,
A place where only you are allowed in,
Where your fingers (or is it your tongue)
Will unlock the closed gates of me.
Turn my insides into hot melting lava of heat and honey,
Honey meant just for you.
And that will open the valley wide open
that the soldier may go in,
The lone ranger riding to the rescue of his damsel in distress.

She only needs his kiss to wake up the dragons
that live inside her and the fire that’s simmering almost grown cold,
only his touch can fan the flames and turn the dormant into active.
Cause the heat to rise and the body to burst into flame and lava.
Alas the princess awakes to find that the pleasure she felt was all a dream
even though she could swear that it all came true.
Deep inside there’s a throb and heat that’s just waiting
For his touch to fan into flames and explode.
Come take my hand my love,
Take me to your bed and unleash the dragons inside me.
Come taste my desire, hot, spicy and sweet.

© Sexy “vixen” mamojama (Not her real name)