Grain,planted in her warm Womb,
Pain,On her Maternal being,2 bring you home,
Strain,she did,to provide comfort,with her able hands,

Swell,the baby in her womb was You,
Well,YOU got into this world thanks to her,
Sell,You should not,the love YOU feel for her.

Guess,This life with her You were meant to spend,
Yes,with her unending,unfailing love,
Bless,YOUR Dear mother,for her care n’ concern,
Caress,her n Re-assure her of my love,For its TRUE,
Scents,Sweet Fragnance to YOUR soul,ooh,sweet mother,
Fresh,is your Love,say YOU.

Love HER,YOUR Beautiful mother,
SHE’s Worth far more than Rubies..
SHE lacks nothing of Value,
She’s laik a Merchant Ship,bringing goodies from a far,
Praise Her,ForShe sarpass them all…
She brought you Forth..Thank Her…
Mostly now..For its On this day..years ago,She Gave BIRTH..
To YOU..

***for Wamathai

© judith paje 2010