Escape me…gone
Impetus more strong
Chase into the unknown
Lost in limbo
The darkness engulfs me
Chokes me
Reach for the air
Desire makes me moan!
Leaves me alone…
Lust masks me
Thick “incandescence”
“I see it…NOT!”
Desolate abyss
You hold nothing for me
But the darkness, grown comforting
No! Not darkness, lack of incandescence
My past illuminated
Path desecrated
Stumble into the pit
Black=lack of light in it
Close my eyes
Imagination; life is your creation
Barbie seems happy….
Cascading sand castles
Diminishing sands of time
The loss distracts me
The darkness engulfs me
Chokes me
The enchanted
I fall flat on the face of reality
And the realm of what is says to me:
“Precious silver
Precious gold
Precious mercury
Story untold
What you see is what you get
But child, do not fret
You see nothing, nothing be
Because thine eyes are closed to thee
Incandescence, rainbow, dew
All in due time shall come to you
Child in darkness, see the light
Illuminata, OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!”

© ruman kuria