When I listen to this song

It reminds me of you

And brings tears to my eyes.

The way you hurt me

And the pain I felt

I did sleep with a broken heart

For a very long time

You are the one man I truly loved

I gave you my heart

And asked you not to hear me

I told u I was very fragile

I was so scared of love and loving again.

I had no intention of falling in love

I only wanted to love my little gal.

I was so down and into you.

Something about you intrigued me

Something about you triggered and

Made me love again

Then you rejected me

And mistreated me

I never want to know why

I know we are friends

And after all this time when I should

Hate and despise you

I love you ….

Though it is different now

The love I feel  has shivers and pieces of broken glass

My heart was shattered

Trying to put it back together

Is more than I can manage?

I would want more

Deep down I know

We will never be more than friends.

But I will always love you.

© thelma migue, 2010 (Read her blog here)