It has been a while
Since i last saw you
And in that time
I have been wondering

Do you think of me
As i think of you
Are you happy and smiling
Or are you as sad as me?

Are your nights cold and lonely
As all of mine are?
Or do you share them
Wiyh another?

Do you still love me
As i still love you
Do you truely miss me
As i miss you?

Have you moved on
Or do you want me back
Do you need me
In your life?

Or would you rather be alone
Or with another
Far away from me
And my love…?

Do you still love me?
Do you still miss me?
Do you still need me?
Do you stil want me?

My days are sad
My nights are miserable
Without you by my side
To calm me and cheer me up

I want you to know
That i still love you
And i still need you…
I will always love you…

© bridget mutua