The evening cold breeze blew swiftly

Gazing at me curiously, with pity

I had stopped crying

Not because I wanted to

But because I was all tired

The whole journey had been a sham … hopeless and an indignant imagination

The moment I started walking, in the path of love

I knew it would end somewhere, positively

Little did it occur that as I was making preparing the way

Some uninvited guest pitched tent, in my absence

And stole her heart and heat from me

Without leaving a mark

When I came back … there were marks alright

But it could be wind … or just hers

So no need to inter’ogate

Or trail their origin and end

One morn, armed with my journey attire

Started off for the daily trips

And bid her fare well

I took the sharp corner

And off, I disappeared.

Then hid in the nearest embankment

Waiting for my replacement

Moments later, a heavy built short same-as-me kind appeared

And made it to my shack

I waited, waited and waited

Until I gave up

And finally rose

For the event

I crept slowly holding my breath for long

Waiting for the moment to set

And then

Like a charged bull I jumped in

The same-as-me kind and my-other-half

Were humping, sighing and whining

Where I had tried and failed

Begged and got hit

Cried for and got insulted

Forced but found a manned road block

I became like an inebriated

And held the same-as-me-kind from behind

Only to see that he was my father!

© mburu kamau 2010