There are things he will never understand,
like why her soul smiles when he holds her hand,

or why Cadbury makes her glad,
and soppy movies leave her sad,

Why a cheeky ‘thank you’
isnt a proper response to ‘I Love You’,

that to her the moon is more beautiful than the sun,
and staying indoors is her idea of fun,

He wonders why her eyes are so brown,
and touching her neck makes her howl,

why she’d snub the ‘fro & cornrows,
to cut her hair to where her ears show,

But what he does know is so much more,
like how to tickle her till her sides get sore,
listen to her and comfort her soul,

He knows when to chide her,
and when not to let the hurt turn into a scar,

how to write her poetry and sweetest texts,
poke her in facebook and call when she least expects,

Have her back and cheer her on,
believe in her dreams if only he alone,

Be the Man,
and cook for his Woman,

Play along with her games,
and not think they are lame!

So on the scales of know and dont know,
the wisdom of his gentle soul clearly shows,

and now it is she who will never understand,
how she got so lucky that it is him who holds her hand…