Ours should come when our spirits bond. Ours should be beyond the look in our eyes, the touch of your hands, the erection of our organs and nerves.

If people have found the L. the O. the V. and the E. to describe how they feel for one another then ours should be beyond Love!
Ours should be beyond bodily contact. Ours should be rich in spirit, ours should enrich our souls so that when we die, we will still be together! For ETERNITY!

Ours should be beyond words, ours should be about passion, ecstasy and the depth of life.
Ours should be beyond humanity, it should be angelic so that we please our Father. .
Ours should be beyond special, beyond emotions, beyond chemistry, and beyond the realms of life!

In case I ever say ‘I love u’, it will be from God’s breath!

© Poly-Qas Mashoeshoe Mosomi 2009