The day has dawned again, the day of reckoning in lover’s realm, where what you do or don’t do for that matter, weighs heavily on the scale of love. Having analyzed this “legend” – Cupid, (whose history has nothing to do with the murdered Valentine, after whom the day was named), I’ve found his rather lofty credentials wanting and accordingly lowered him significantly in my list of the highly esteemed. The arrow toting mad man who’s been set lose on the human population is shooting with reckless abandon, leaving in his wake a sequel of tragedies…Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, Tristan and Isolde…but to mention a few. Whoever heard of him being licensed for the sport of marksmanship? Or ever heard of his eyesight examined?  Other than his hopelessly crooked bow that’s not only unfit but also an insult to any self respecting arrow, he is also alarmingly short on sight.

On this day, you are affronted by red from all sides, chocolates and all other sorts of so called ‘romantic gifts’ being shoved under your nose in blatant disregard for your ‘space’ and the fact that your now fat wallet will be dreadfully thinner at the end of it all. Whatever happened to the morale in the hit song ‘love don’t cost a thing’ and the phrase ‘It’s the thought that counts’.

Chocolate and candy are everywhere, easier on the eyes but not quite as easy on the hips. Flowers are a standard, their week long lifespan notwithstanding.

This year however, I’m feeling rather generous to the fellow and I’m quite convinced that after a decade of devastating missed marks, his practice has eventually paid off. He’s got it right this time. In keeping with this gracious turn of events, my regard for him has sufficiently improved all previous callous mannerisms toward him replaced by a reverent fondness.

Cupid! Cupid! Had you only stringed your bow sooner, I’d have been happier longer. Valentine’s Day needn’t have been about love’s tragedies but a celebration of love. I’d have looked past the overpriced flowers, the cavity attracting candy and the over-stuffed bears and at the heart behind the tradition, the sacrifice of Saint Valentine,  at the at the joy of giving,  the gift that is love and the smile that makes it all worthwhile.

My heart is content, for this day of all days I’m ecstatic, I have a valentine!

Happy Valentines

© angela ndegi 2010