About Waigwe Muchiri

A Sociologist by training,a community activist by choice and a bookaholic by nature, I read pretty much everything except Ludlum’s “Road to Omaha” which I did not finish. I use words and pictures to tell stories that I hope will impact society positively. Give me BBC radio and a book any day and I am good to go!

Julia. That was her name; a name smooth to the tongue. The name she gave me when I first moved next door. Not mama Boyie, as the other neighbours called her, just Julia to me.

That night I came in early from work, did a few things and settled down to making supper. I had just discovered a food blog and was making Baked Greek Chicken Meatballs with Tzatziki for the night. Ok, I just played with your mind there. That is a recipe for another day and definitely for another kitchen. I was making githeri from mama Anita’s Kiosk.

Soon as I sat down with my supper, Paulo Coelho’s Eleven Minutes and some country music I heard raised voices. I put the music on mute, put my book down and listened. Then I heard Julia’s distinctive voice and the husband. They were arguing about something. They went on for a while; I got bored and went back to my reading.

Boom!!! I heard a thud, then another, then another…

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Wounded. Hurt. Disappointed
You came into my life
One look at you and I knew
You needed me
I needed you maybe
I am not sure yet
I looked at you from across the hall
Where you sat, a book in hand
Reading but turning pages not
You looked up as I approached
I held your eyes; you looked through me
It was written in your sad face
You were broken
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