About Sonya Kassam

Sonya has been writing regularly for about 2 years. Poetry came to her completely, unexpectedly. She suddenly decided she needed to write a poem, yes just like that. Her day job involves working with figures, which makes her even more determined to keep up with her poetry. She writes for herself and she writes for courage, but a little part of her wants to write for her two daughters to one day be proud of her. She blogs at followyourshadow.wordpress.com
© Alya Kassam
© Alya Kassam

Her vows will be recited before all
As she steps into her new role
Will it now begin, or is this the end
Will he be her master or her friend
Rule the house as a queen
Or never be heard only seen
This merriment is it an illusion
Or will they blend with perfect fusion
Laughing today, will they abandon her later
Or keep their promise to support her forever Continue reading