About Shitemi Khamadi

Shitemi Khamadi writes both as a passion and to make ends meet. As a passion, he writes poems largely inspired from happening in his life and society in general and also has a political and development blog. Writing for a living entails him writing mostly business related articles and stories where he helps bring out tangible issues affecting entrepreneurs while also challenging others into thinking business.

Shitemi can be reached via shitemi.khamadi@gmail.com or twitter @mwamishitemi

The rage notwithstanding
Only to those that can understand
The options are many to all and sundry
The instance to it is shallow at its best
Choice is what can be explored and made worth

But the rage is also ignorant
Being made ‘wise’ from quarter baked information
Petite information is hazardous to mankind
Makes one imagine they are omnipotent
Yet they got it all wrong feeling herculean
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The people have decided, it shall be well
Looking at how love is in the air
Nothing against tranquility and soberness
Will derail a people’s inner will and wish
Even the gods have decided, it shall be well

A look at the naysayers, they cringe at their own thoughts
Trying to prevent the will of the majority
For the sake of making themselves relevant
They forget the people’s conscious is clear
A time comes when the fool learns
Now their struggle for relevance is at risk
And they have to change tact
It shall be well for sure
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