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Rayhab Gachango is a writer and a poet. She is passionate about childrens and women’s issues. She does advocacy through writing on issues of peace, sexual violence, sexuality, gender, economic development, and poverty. She is currently studying for a Masters in Corporate & Development Communication at Daystar University. She blogs here and you can connect with her on twitter here.

music is the art of the soul

Now that I am working for a travel agency its amazing the number of things that you realize go together. Like music and travel. When you think about music and what it does for an individual, you will realize that music is a time machine that gives the listener a chance to travel to another place or time. Maybe because when you watch the music video you can see yourself in that city or that town. Or it gives you a feel of the time that the music was written, the place, situation and circumstances surrounding it. If you were a fan of Tupac you may have identified with California and California love for example! There have been musicians who have made their hometowns famous and turned their cities into tourist places. Think about Elvis Presley and Graceland Mansion – Memphis, the Beatles and Liverpool, and Tupac and California. Some music has also put some cities or states on the map like Rap music and New York City, Jazz and New Orleans, Kwaito and Johannesburg, I could go on and on.

Music has the ability to take us on a journey even without moving from our seats. Many times it makes us curious about the people performing and makes us want to know more about where they are from. There are also die hard fans that make pilgrimages to see their favourite musicians’ hometowns like Elvis’s Graceland Mansion.

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