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This is part 2 of a list of great Kenyan fictional books that lovers of literature would definitely enjoy. Read part 1 here.

11. The Promised Land by Grace Ogot

This story alludes to the Biblical Promised Land. We are introduced to two individuals, Nyapol and Ochola, a young couple from the western part of Kenya, Nyanza. Tired of living the tyrannical life of frequent taxation and political feuds and competition Ochola, Nyapol’s husband, is convinced that moving to Canaan, Tanzania in this case, will guarantee them greener pastures. Nyapol is opposed to this move but eventually has to oblige because as it was she had no say as is the position of the woman. The story explores the personal jealousy that overcomes the couple and the tribal hatred that ensues as they finally realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Continue reading

For book lovers that want a taste of Kenyan traditions, experiences and literary aesthetics, here is part 1 of some of the books by Kenyan writers that, in my opinion, will take you through the beautiful journey.

1. Kill Me Quick by Meja Mwangi

It tells of the story of a young Meja who moved from his upcountry home to the cruel city of Nairobi to look for a job but ended up as a street dweller. Since finding a job with a first division school certificate in the city is just an illusion. The very rude ‘Hakuna Kazi’ (There’s No Work) sign in every office he seeks employment frustrates his ego and he has to succumb to the unfairness that is life. This story is as relevant then as it is today. If I go on about this, I’ll kill your curiosity so hurry, get the book! Continue reading