About Nick

Max is a writer who lives and works in Kigali.

You feel hate, I feel love,
You see faults, I see beauty,
You have greed, I have generosity,
You tell lies, I tell the truth,
You embrace anger, I embrace joy,
You fight, I hug,
You bite, I kiss,
You destroy, I build,
You corrupt, I nurture,
You hurt, I mend,
Don’t be them, be ME!

Words yet still evade me.
Thoughts so fleeting, emotions flowing with haste in timeless motion,
So firm and unwavering in its direction, my mind digresses with no ending.
The mental vibes overwhelming like a relentless tide on a stormy night.
And so I ponder and without doubt wonder about sentiments of indecision.
Frustratingly beyond my grasp, I reach out and grab onto nothingness while i stupor into oblivion.
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