“Are you sure you did not hurt yourself today?” Koli asked. “You may have overdone the kicks…”

“It’s been six months, Koli. I should know better than that, don’t you think?” She interrupted the cardio kickboxing instructor, picked up her bag and left the gym.

Audrey was right. He was wrong. She had not ‘overdone’ anything. All she did was try to get rid of a mass of anger on her throat. Someone had thrown her under the proverbial bus and she felt the need to save her skull from his barbaric act. Unfortunately, the overextended, “Kiiiick, to the knee, jab, jab and kick, kick, to the knee, jab, jab, jab and kick” had not done a good rescue job. She still felt like someone had  let down a running stomach on her head and the filth was flowing down her face, seeping into her eyes, nose and mouth. Hence the need to get on her scooter and rush before the ceremony started. Continue reading