Sometimes I wonder
If things would be different,
Had you been around.
Would I still be as I am now,
Or would time have told
A different tale?

Sometimes I wonder
If you would be proud
Of me, of what I have done;
Proud to call me yours.
If every thought of me
Would fill you up with pride? Continue reading

Have you ever wanted
To be with someone,
To talk and laugh with abandon,
Of past nostalgic moments
And the hopes of your new life;

Have you ever wanted
To hold someone close,
To feel the warmth of their embrace,
As the rhythm of your heartbeats
Makes you fall in love, again and again? Continue reading

I once loved,
Not long ago.
I too bore it all,
My mind , heart withal.
Once too I felt,
The butterflies and emotions
Of a young man in love.

I too once felt,
The pain of rejection
Nudging endlessly at my heart;
Shed the tears of anguish
At the loss of that first love –
Forever to be embedded
In the ebbs of my heart. Continue reading

As I stand
At thy behest,
Dear Lord I pray,
You see through my inequities,
Transgressions and sins
That cursed and left me a mottled offspring.

As the time comes
For my judgment pronounce,
Dear Lord I pray
You grant me mercy;
In abundance and forget
The trail which I leave,
On my way home. Continue reading

If I do not say I love you often,
It’s not that I do not anymore;
But rather I am just trying new ways,
To prove it to you.

If I do not hold you
As I held others,
It’s not that anything has changed,
I jus want you to show me
How I should hold you. Continue reading

Is it too late,
To say how sorry I am
For all the times
I’ve made you cry;
And each time you’ve taken me back –
Back to a heart I’ve hurt.

Is it too late,
To say I love you,
One more time?
To hold your hands in mine
Again; and whisper sweet nothings
Like before? Continue reading

It seems that no matter how
hard I tried not to hurt you,
I hurt you all the more.
Every tear you shed for me,
Broke me in two,
For I could not stand to see your tears;
An incessant reminder of what I’d done.
You may have said your goodbyes,
But as for me,
I know this is not the end. Continue reading