A while back, some  friends and I went on an out of the city weekend road trip to visit the legendary Lord Egerton Castle in Nakuru. While on our way, I discovered that one of  my friends had carried her copy of Sheryl Sandberg’s  (face book COO)  recent book ‘Lean In’. Inevitably, during our three days there, I stayed up late after the others had retired to read this amazing anecdotal inspirational book that I believe every working woman needs to read.

Having worked in the corporate world for a while after graduating from college, I nodded and was thrilled to find out that I, and my friends too, could actually relate to most of the issues and challenges Sheryl encountered at  her workplace even though we are continents apart; the issues mentioned therein included lacking self confidence, not speaking up(especially when in the company of very loud and aggressive  colleagues who technically take over the meetings) and even settling for lesser pay than  the male counterparts in exactly the same job position(because women, having been raised to care for others first, find it selfish  and improper to ask for a higher pay). With each chapter I read, not only did I discover my blind spots, but also  felt better knowing exactly how I could work on my weak areas , progress in my career and even achieve an amazing   work and family balance.

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