About Chao Maina

Chao is a writer and software developer with a love for music, history, art, photography and Literature. Chao is documenting Kenya’s history one post at a time on her blog theeagora.com. Twitter: @TayianaC

You talk about leaving town like it’s the easiest thing to do, like I would just get up one morning and leave everything behind without a semblance of remorse; I would leave my friends behind, well, these people I call friends; people who introduced me to this kind of life, who taught me to live like this, who taught me to survive. Like I would just get up and leave my parents ; parents who were never there , you see my mother she loved the company of men who were not my father and he loved the company of  women just not my mother. They were never in the house at the same time and when they were, I was never there. At least I tried my best not to.

You say things like “this is not the life you deserve” and I think to myself “if I don’t deserve it who does?” I’ve spent the better part of my life running, running away from the beer bottles that raised me, ducking from the beer bottles that were thrown at me. Running away from the sisters at the missionary school who always told me how dirty and tattered my uniform was. Who complained that I slept a lot during class, who threatened to expel me if they caught me stealing books from my fellow classmates again. In my defence, I wasn’t exactly stealing I would just take their books without their consent and return them when I was done. See on most nights I would read myself to sleep. But the sisters would never understand this so that evening when they told me to come with my parents the next day, or never come back, I never went back.

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Do you know what they call “The star at the center of the solar system? The star that the earth and all other planets revolve around? , The star that provides light and warmth to all these wretched beings and everything on their precious planet, Earth? ”, Sun. They call me The Sun. Sun…Such a short word for something so important don’t you think? Given the magnitude of the work that I do and the level of importance that I have, three letters is a bit of a rip off. I feel a bit short changed, quite literally but my name is the least of my issues so I’ll save that pesky jabber for another day.

Every day I wake up at the exact same time even on those days when I feel I just want to sleep all my troubles away, I have to wake up and serve them. I watch them as they move around in their hurried little footsteps trying to fix this and that, rushing here and there, worried about this and that, all this time unaware of the effort it takes to keep them alive.

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