About Mary Ambi

Mary is a political scientist graduate, with a keenness for spoken word for it gives her the next set of words and a passion for the written word!

I was so excited, in fact, I was waiting eagerly for the day to end, so I could walk out of the squeezed room I called an office. I could hardly concentrate on the papers that I was filing because all I had was the nostalgia and flashes of him smiling, holding my hand, kissing my forehead and I just couldn’t help smiling. We had had rough times for nearly a month, but he was slowly coming back to me with a text once in a while, and a call just to say hey. But that day, he wanted me to spend the night at his place!

It was four o’clock, one hour to go and I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about us, I felt so re-energized just like I had felt the first time he was all mine all through the night. So I pushed away the files, sat on the wooden chair and for the first time ever since I walked into that office, I did not feel how painful it pressed right through my buttocks to my bones. “Tonight is going to be special; I will pass by the shopping mall.” I said to myself.  He says I look sexy on purple, but I knew I’m beautiful on pink too, so either could do. I grabbed my bag and closed the door decided, I was leaving early. After all, the boss was not around, and if anyone asked, I could tell them I had a headache or stomachache or maybe nausea could sound better.

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Eeh nchi yangu, taifa usoambilika,
Wewe ulotokwa na machozi kwa kitambo kirefu,
Uloyapangusa nayo yakazidi tiririka,wala funzo weye hujapata.
Nchi na mama yangu, wewe uujuaye utungu wa kiboko, mshale na upanga,
Waufahamu, mpenyo wa risasi na vitoa machozi
Eeh taifa langu, ujuaye uhalisi wa mbwa mwitu aliyejivaa u’kondoo
Umenyanyaswa kwa kitambo kirefu, kwani sauti yako yafikia mbali bali yakurudia,
Mwangwi waliopigana babu zetu ili usipate kuwarudia wao na vizazi vyao leo,
Wewe ulohifadhi mwako moyoni sauti za kilio na maombolezi;
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