About Alvin Kathembe

Alvin is a Truthseeker, lover of art and literature. He writes for the mind, and might touch your heart in the process. Changing the world starts with you – it may only seem to be a drop in the ocean, but what is an ocean but a multitude of drops? #Peace

Ain’t that the way it always starts? –
A simple round of conversation
Becomes a subtle flirtation
A suggestion, an invitation;
Torturous tantalization…

Hey –

What ill wind blew you round my way?
What is this game you want to play?
All those delicious words you say;
Lies –
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When cowards flee from the battlefield
With their tails between their legs
They carry their war
To unarmed men and women;
They turn their weapons on
The undefended and the defenceless.
Do your battle-hardened soldiers
Prove their valour and their bravery
By aiming their sights, and emptying their clips
Into the retreating backs of women
And at pleading, surrendered captives?
No matter how righteous your cause is,
Or how justified your convictions,
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Now that she’s back in the atmosphere
With drops of Jupiter in her hair
And drops of mercury on her lips
The twinkling dance of stars in her hips
And little beads of poison on her kiss
I ask her about her stellar ramblings.

She took off into the sky one night
The stars were twinkling
The moon was bright
She spread her wings
And took her flight
To find herself a star.
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You are;
My war, my peace
My golden fleece;
No ocean could keep me away from you
Nor Jason and all his retinue –
And I am as nothing to you…
But I am precious too.

You are;
The Basilisk’s stare,
Medusa’s hair
The very sight of you turns me to stone
Petrified, speechless, mouth dry as a bone –
And I am as nothing to you
Yet I am precious too.
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We stare, transfixed, at the glittering stars
Like the mages of old;
We follow where they would lead us –
To no new king
But maybe a new scene –
As we stare adoringly,
Reflected in our eyes
Is the twinkle-twinkle-flash
Of their artificial radiance…

We stare, awestruck
At their heavenly bodies
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So you think you’re doing fine over there on cloud nine?
I wonder, does it hurt when you come crashing back to earth?
Come, hear about this bandwagon I campaign ’bout –
Unroll your blunts, pour your champagnes out –
You say life’s pressed you hard
And you inhale for a breather
And that stuff in your veins is like ether;
The smoke’s got you confounded, it’s clouded up your brain
The drugs give you hugs and make the pain wane
But it’s still there –
You’re stuck in a bog, through the fog
You can’t see it so you think it’s gone away
But you’re not saved, you’re just blinded
And when you sober up again
You’re a slave, and you’re reminded
By the throbbing of the pain
That what you thought was your savior
Was just another set of chains…
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Bodies gyrating
And undulating
Flesh upon flesh
Clasping and grasping
And grabbing, and groping
Watchers staring, and swearing
And gasping, and gaping –
She is just a piece of meat to him
A collection of orifices
To stick his bills in
And maybe more –

Writhing and sliding, and grinding
The pole –
Teasing, and pleasing, releasing
The folds…
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Shuffling sheepishly, shaking his shaggy head
Sleep still stinging his half open eyes
He staggers sluggishly into class
Sits heavily on his chair
And takes out a book.

He slept at twelve last night
Or was it this morning?
He woke up at three
And read till he blacked out…
Then the clanging clarion call of the bell
Woke him up again.
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The sun was streaming through the sea
Streaming like dissolved light
Its pencil rays a fiery blaze
That made the water bright
Along swam our merry Fish
A-whistling in delight.

He whistled through his gills, you see –
All the notes were bubbles –
With not a care upon his mind
And not a thought for troubles
He watched the dolphins swimming past
And waved to a couple.

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