About Ahenda Anjichi

Ahenda hopes she’s the type of woman that is like wine; one whose age blesses her with a cultured sweetness & refined worth as life happens. She’s a hopeless romantic; one in-love with love (either the notion of it or the actual manifestation of it). Her words are the concessions of her trinity: her mind, her heart and her soul.

She loves coffee by the way (sometimes black & strong or creamy & sweet, the preference reliant on her mood)…. and wine and soft rain and a good book and chocolate and sand in her toes.

She blogs here

Asema ataka kuniona nadeka..
Asema moyo hutulia akiona nacheka..
Asema kwangu yeye mateka..
Asema hakuna mwengine anayemtataka..
Asema mi na yeye hatuto fikia talaka..
Asema kwangu ametia waraka..
Asema kupitia yote hatoniacha..
Asema ataka tuzae mapacha..
Asema popote naendapo atanifuata..
Asema kwangu ashafika,kubwaga mchezo wa karata..
Asema nimo moyoni..
Asema tupendane hadi ukingoni..
Asema uzuri wangu kamgeuza mpagawa..
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I’m seated next to you, looking at you almost feeling your lungs pour out your breathing as your heart pumps, in slow steady beats, life into your body…
I’m wishing I could be the wheels spinning the thoughts in your mind-just so I can envelop myself in your imagination…
(I wonder what you see when you look into my eyes) Continue reading

I am the bosom you suckle until you grow teeth
I am the hands that wiped away your tears
I am the fingers that knot your hair into cornrows
I am the jewels that nurtured you
I am the lips that kissed you goodnight
I am the thighs that rocked you to sleep
I am the womb that brought you forth
I am the heart that loves you unconditionally Continue reading

I feel it everywhere..his essence takes over my senses like an orchestra..i am powerless-enveloped with the intensity of his tune,
Transformed, in his arms i am a guitar~his fingers create a melody with the strings of my heart,
Engaged am captured in the rythm of his soul~he is the drummer and i am the beat,
Motivated, he fuels my fire, arising within me a composition for intimacy, Continue reading