Are you an up and coming Kenyan writer and have no idea to do with what you’ve written or how to grow to the point where your works can be published? There are many organisations, initiatives that have come together specifically for you. Most have forums where you can share with other writers and have programmes where you can gain technical knowledge.


This is a platform that will give you access to great resources both animate and inanimate. You can check out their website for more since they always have something coming up.

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The organisers of the annual Hay festival have set out to promote a reading culture in the country, a child at a time. Like KWANI, StoryMoja also publishes and trains young writers. There are writing contests posted on their website every so often.

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Hisia Zangu

A group of writers and poets, after sharing the stage for long and swapping notes on facebook decided to meet and critique each other’s work. They meet in town at Posta Towers on the third Sunday of every month. Check out their facebook page for more details.

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AMKA Space

This is a forum for women writers that meet regularly at the Goethe institute. It is also an opportunity to grow as a young female writer through networking and sharing of knowledge.

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This is an online platform that allows budding and mature writers to post their stories, poems and thoughts. One can open a profile and post as often as one wishes. Your works will reach the many people using the platform as well as through its social websites.

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Are there are other platforms that support up and coming writers that we should add here?

3 thoughts on “Platforms for up and coming Kenyan writers

  1. This is lovely,

    Do you have any events or workshops coming up where local authors come together and interact?

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  3. Writers in kenya, in my view are grappling with one major challenge: Selling their literary works. Granted, it is difficult for budding authors to eke out a living from writing. Bookshops reluctanly take an author’s book and even as they do so, it is with a pinch of salt. It takes a lot of toiling and moiling for an author to churn out a book. This should be food for thought.

    Edward Nguchuga.

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