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Contemporary literature in Kenya from Kenyan writers is hard to come by. It’s a sad reality. The truth is that it’s difficult to get published especially locally. Most writers opt to self-publish which is an expensive venture. That being said, it is always welcomed news when a Kenyan writer publishes a book. It is even more welcome when the said book is a collection of poetry.

In 2011, a few poets met at Central Park to discuss the putting together of their poems in a book. The idea was spearheaded by an ambitious young man, Chris Mukasa, who fronts Kenya Poets Lounge.  The community of poets involved in the project grew with most conversations happening via email. Almost three years later, the project has finally seen the light of day. The book has been published and is titled, ‘The Power of Words.’

The Power of Words was launched at Memorial Park on Saturday June 8th in a simple but wonderful event. There were poets reading their work from the book as well as speakers giving motivational talks. Music from upcoming and talented artists and a generally relaxed ambiance made for an enjoyable event.

The journey to having the book published has not been an easy one. There was no corporate sponsorship and Chris and team had to travel to Uganda to have the book printed there. In the end, it was well worth it. The book is a finally a reality.

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The book boasts a wide selection of poets and is divided into five themes:  Freedom, Love, Leadership, Life and Social Justice. Some of the poets featured include: El Poet, Wanjiku Mwaura, Raya Wambui, Kibali Moreithi, Elsaphan Njora, Chris Peace, Benjamin Sulle, Nasara the Poet, Eric (Rixpoet) Otieno, Amare Poeta, Bryan Ngartia, Kim Kimani, Bernard Muhia and yours truly.

Published Kenyan contemporary poetry is hard to come by hence this anthology is a true gem. ‘The Power of Words’ is available for sale at just Kshs 500 and comes with free delivery within the CBD upon request. To make your order, call Chris Mukasa on 0722535035. Order your copy now!

31 thoughts on “The Power Of Words: Poetry book by Kenyan Writers

  1. Thumbs up to Chris Mukasa and the rest of the crew! I have read the book, and it’s amazing…and an inspiration to all the other poets out there!

  2. I have read my copy. a pool of knowledge and very exciting to know we harbour such great talents.

  3. Wow, this book looks amazing, Were can I get it in Diani beach? We could even place it in one of our hotels and villas for guests who are on holidays in Diani beach. Great work!

  4. @Alvin, thank you. Do spread the word and buy the book.
    @Allan, thank you. I’m glad you’re enjoying the book.
    @Villas Diani Thank you for the interest. I’ll let you know how the book can be made available in Diani.

  5. Thank you so much, Mwende, for this article and your overwhelming support. As you have stated, anyone who would want to buy his copy could call Chris Mukasa on 0722535035 or Rixpoet on 0722790479. For people who are outside Nairobi, the book could still be delivered via courier services but all costs lie on them. delivery is only free in Nairobi as we look forward to expand.

  6. This so amazing! I’ve always loved poetry and “The Power Of Words” is a must get book!! Kudos to the entire team! 🙂

  7. This is a great opportunity of amplifying the voices of the voiceless, very great poems…get your copy now!

  8. Such a tremendous initiative it was – am glad they pulled it off. I am impressed by the efforts poetry is making in Kenya albeit struggling

  9. The Kenyan story told in words. The old African adage that ‘a long journey starts with a single step’ could never be more relevant.

  10. this book is amazing, i can hardly put it down, the love poems are so touching and some hilarious, its just one of the books i have read and i wanna go back and read again and again.

  11. Had a chance to have it for an hour during Poetry Spot. Am telling you, am topping up every coin i have to get it! Its not one of them books you read thrice and put aside…i promise you, you’ll have it with you forever!

  12. what more can I say than try and express these feelings of joy, getting to read a book of the day to day occurrence written by peeps u’l meet in the streets and be able to say to them “I love your word man!!! ” is beyond overwhelming. I’m so pleased by the efforts that gave birth to this. carry on, I say. let’s nw move to the next phase 🙂

  13. This is an amazing step towards realizing Kenyan poetry and the great impact it has to our society.Poetry is a home of great minds build with words.

    Awesome book indeed.

  14. I am so glad to be a part of this great masterpiece as a contributing author. Now we should meet and discuss how to get this poetry book used as a set book in schools!

  15. This is young spirits at work. I am very happy and congratulations to the entire team especially Chris and Eric. I am expecting bulk distribution in Ghana soon.

  16. Very inspiring, Mwende Ngao, you and I should be Best friends…Good work people have sampled some of the poetry in there and i must admit it superb…

  17. The dancing words
    By Ak
    i am poetry metre
    musical bit beats
    by letter adamant
    by word relevance
    like i am eating
    while twitting
    i am the metre of poetry
    i am the poetic measure
    the dancing pleasure!

  18. Glad I was to use words to win myself a copy only to find more words beautifully crafted to make me laugh, think and tell my friends they need a copy.

    I am shocked it wasnt printed in Kenya but hey its unleashing the power nevertheless

  19. its wonderful that he pulled it through…. Many people in kenya do not appreciate poetry n it is sometyms discouraging buh at list he has shown us hope….. Am looking foward to reading it… N ready to get inspired…..

  20. I am humbled by the wonderful feedback. A big thank you to everyone who has read this article, commented on it and most of all, bought the book. It is through your support that art in Kenya can grow and flourish. Let’s keep up with the spirit! I have a feeling this is just the beginning. 🙂

  21. I saw this book when it was still being made at Chronicles Media offices (www.therealginc.wordpress.com). At the time, it felt like a pipe dream to have an anthology of poems out…but now here it is. Two thumbs way up to you Chris………


  22. I saw this book when it was still being made at Chronicles Media offices (www.chroniclesmedia.org). At the time, it felt like a pipe dream to have an anthology of poems out…but now here it is. Two thumbs way up to you Chris………

  23. Great job done. Congratulations to the entire team. It all begins when people choose to speak out, most importantly about their stories. When the community has affirmed a shared value from shared challenges in their stories then more union and power to move to action.

    We can be for each other, as they always say at Ubuntu – i am because you are. Keep the light on**

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