the blackness behind her voice
as she spoke in the tongue of truth
her words creating form
and as they rolled off the edge of her tongue
dripping into finite consciousness
she took them on a journey

she told tales she shouldn’t dare tell
of truths she should have no sense for
yet spoke as would a master;
before her master
oh her words bore such magic
such knowledge of the ethereal
told in the humility of a novice

and yet all i could see
was the blackness behind her voice

3 thoughts on “the blackness behind her voice

  1. Rachael, i love the way your words paint pictures in my mind. This is a good piece….thumbs up!!!

  2. goodstuff..rachel care to initiate me into this literary world by aiding me create a blog,think my thoughts are worth an audience.that said,be sure i’ll be stalking your blog

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