I confess; I love them. They are the very thing I look forward to every time I switch the telly on. I like the jingles and even take the extra step to know them, so that the next time I hear it, I can sing along. I love the humor in the good ones and criticize the bad, thinking of ways it could have been better. What am I talking about? Advertising of course.

I know that there are those people who absolutely abhor advertisements, seeing them as time wasted when they could have been watching ‘proper’ television.

So here’s the thing, I’m not the type of person who, upon seeing a Coca Cola advertisement will run out to the nearest duka for a bottle. I don’t watch advertisements because I have nothing to do, nor because it’s a version of home shopping. I simply appreciate the creativity behind them.

Here are some of the best advertisements on television in my opinion:-

1.      Faiba

This advertisement completely knocked it out of the park for me. It’s not even in the same league as other Kenyan advertisements; it’s on a lane of its own. I especially love the 3rd episode to this series of advertisements. First, it’s an animation. Even more, it’s good animation. I love the authenticity of the characters, especially the very Kamba-way in which the main character says, ‘Ai, mboss we’.

Also, a great pass time is trying to pull the moves being showcased in this here masterpiece. All in all, I would say this is the best Kenyan advert yet.

2.      Mama Boi/ KPLC

You have to love Mama Boi. She is the quintessential Kenyan woman who worries everything through and gives you a lecture as she asks you a simple question. I think we all know someone like that.

The advert also captures the kind of things we worry about as Kenyans such as hiding in a bus from the police because you are that extra person.

3.      Niko na Mpesa

I’m really not sure what exactly the story line is for this ad because I’m usually distracted by the amazing vocals by Kanji Mbugua on this track. That alone makes it one of my favorites.

4.      Yu/ Call rate

The ‘Call rate’ ad is a brilliant concept and I love it for it. The smug smile on the call-rate guy’s face every time he cuts into a conversation is priceless.

5.      Pewa/Orange

First, the gorgeous convertible deserves a mention all on its own, and then there’s the guy dancing behind the wheel as he cruises down the road. What’s not to love?

There are other adverts that are the talk of the time, though they may not necessarily rank among the best. An example being the Pwani Oil advert. I get the concept they were going for but is Kenya really ready for it? I think it took us all by surprise.

What do you think? Which advertisement makes your day? Tell us in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Adverts in Kenya: The creatives ones we like

  1. Totally agree….I actually had written my version back in October,but just didnt know what to say about the Pwani oil advert.Baba Boi killed it for me!

  2. @Barbra so true *fans self*
    @Frankenyan it looks like pwani actually started a trend , what with the Daima juice adverts.
    @Michael, that one’s pretty awesome too

  3. uhm…interesting comments…personally i think the pwani ad was awesome and though it has a sexual inuendo to it, i think the fact that it has that.ie sex as an appeal makes it all the better.why do i say this…well…lets all keep it real…sex sells.n why does it sell..becoz believe it or not its a need thus making it very interesting.besides i read a quote somewhere that said better to be loved or hated than ignored.so the fact that it had much criticism and vybe personally i think the brains behind it to me definitely did a good job.and lets not forget part of the function of advertising is to create some form of awareness and the fact that people had much to say about it, good or bad ultimately it fulfilled its purpose…as for the faiba ad…apparently its liked but to me honestly i kinda find it annoying.hey, thats jus me…the call rate ad.i think was also a good ad.nway i can go on and on and being an ad enhusiast and a student hoping to pursue advertising in the near future, the ad industry has a long way to go but am sure in future we shall have great ad concepts that are not only entertaining but also persuade consumers to take action…all in all, i love this post and kindly share more of this..i wonder what you think of the nairobian ad?

  4. And yet, what does cooking oil have to do with sex/relationships? I think it was a bit of a stretch and was just applying the rule of ‘sex sells’.

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