I feel it everywhere..his essence takes over my senses like an orchestra..i am powerless-enveloped with the intensity of his tune,
Transformed, in his arms i am a guitar~his fingers create a melody with the strings of my heart,
Engaged am captured in the rythm of his soul~he is the drummer and i am the beat,
Motivated, he fuels my fire, arising within me a composition for intimacy,
He courses through me~a dance of passion lingering on madness.
I am in a sudden sweetness, held to him softly as a violin~rising from my voice a staccato of short breathes,
I am powerless as his intonation takes over me,
I am heeding to his rhyme,
I succumb into his tempo,
I am drawn into the strength of his bass,

Inevitably i find myself; mind, body and soul~bursting out in a falsetto..bowing and mellowing down as his tone narrows down for a finish.

“Hit replay

9 thoughts on “Music

  1. nice, something like this has been hovering in my mind. I especially love the last line, ‘Hit Replay’

    Really nice

  2. there shall be a day when there will be no music concerts but only open poetry sessions……its a living testimony

    nice work ahenda

  3. Hey peoples 😉
    Tindi-thank u..Manyuira-those open mic sessions wud b really something,Wanjeri & Jennifer-i’m writing some more..
    Sally-i’ll try my best to keep the flow. 😉

    Thank you so much for the comments. 😉

  4. Ahenda this is SOO AWESOME!
    Beautiful beautiful piece,WANT TO HEAR MORE FROM YOU!!
    Way to go!

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