When she first touched me
I was a bit apprehensive
I experienced mixed emotions
But since we were related
I figured, my auntie knows best

When we first had sex
It hurt and I didn’t like it
I thought that it was a bit weird
But since I’d known him all my life
I figured, my daddy knows best

When he first put this thing there
It felt un-natural
It felt wrong
But since he was an adult
I figured, my neighbour knows best

©wamathai warugongo

7 thoughts on “Auntie knows best

  1. This topic is so needed in Kenya. I’ve seen so many of these incest cases on news. Kids need to have rights and they need to be informed of them not all adults know best!

  2. Deep stuff….. This just concludes alot of those closeted stories we all have heard, experinced and witnessed at some level. Sad sad sad…..

  3. Paedophiles everywhere, even those we should trust, supposed protectors turn agains the little ones. And they are made to accept that things are done that way! SMH

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